May 3, 2021
4 Shade Garden Design Plans You Should Copy
Do you have a shady area of your yard that would make a beautiful garden, but you don’t know where to start? Allow us to help! Better Homes and Gardens is a great resource for gardeners who want to be inspired to try something new. We found 4 free garden design plans from a list they shared that are perfect for incorporating impatiens into your shade garden.
1. The Birdbath Garden
Perfect for a small area of your garden that doesn’t get much sun! Let the birds cool off surrounded by beautiful impatiens (and any other shade-loving plants). This creates a beautiful space to interact with nature and bird-watch at the same time!
2. The Foundation Garden
Mix in impatiens on the border of perennials to have a gorgeous look that will come back year after year. By planting impatiens at the border or along the edge, it makes it easy to change them out year after year. It also gives you the opportunity to switch colors. Maybe this year you’ve planted white, but next year you may prefer a bold Rose color!
3. The Container Collection
For those who don’t like to dig in the dirt or plant in the ground, this eclectic container collection is ideal. With this design, you’re free to choose the number of planters you’d like, and you’re also free to add more whenever you want! Mixing impatiens with perennials, foliage, and other shade-loving annuals will give you a fun focal point and conversation starter in your own yard!
4. The Foliage Garden
If TEXTURE if your thing, you can’t go wrong with a wide variety of foliage! Planting impatiens at the front of your foliage garden will soften the look and enhance its beauty. If you don’t have much color in the foliage you choose, you could also consider selection impatiens that have a bold color or mixing a few colors together!

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