Jul 19, 2021
How to Design with Beacon® Impatiens
Beacon impatiens can provide an instant burst of color in shaded gardens, containers or landscapes.
Edge Planting
If you want to brighten up long stretches of barren beds along lawns, plant the edges with Beacon impatiens. They serve as a natural and colorful border and help make the transition from the lawn to the driveway, house, trees or garden seamless and ordered. Just keep in mind they do best in full or partial shade.
Mass Planting
Sweeping landscapes with lots of open space can benefit from the mass planting of Beacon impatiens. A sea of impatiens sets the area apart with distinction and color.
Tree Borders
Try adding Beacon impatiens as a border around trees. They will fill in fast and light up the darker spaces around tree trunks.
Container Planting
Got a large, shady patio or deck that would benefit from color and life? Consider planting Beacon impatiens in a multitude of fresh colors in big containers or hanging baskets. Be aware that container impatiens require more watering than impatiens planted directly in the landscape.
The design is up to you. With the right growing conditions (shade to partial shade, adequate moisture), Beacon impatiens will make a fine addition to any garden design.
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