Mar 14, 2022
Checklist: Supplies You Need for Your Shade Garden

Hello Spring! Now’s a great time to plan for flowers in your shade garden, since temps are usually cool and rainy (and not ideal for work outside). If it’s your first time building a shade garden there are a few supplies you’ll need before you begin. We’ve got the checklist you need to prepare the area and gather your tools. Get ready for some fun with shade gardening.

Pots and containers. Use flower pots and various containers to create height and depth of plants in your shade garden.

Shovels and trowels are needed to get into that dirt — either the soil from over the winter, or a fresh new bag of quality potting soil from the nursery. Time to get your hands dirty! (Well, a new pair of gardening gloves wouldn’t hurt, either.)

Shade cloth. If you don’t yet have tall trees, use shade cloth to protect your patio and your plants. It’s meant to be used to provide relief from the hot sun in the garden and filter out UV rays. Excessive heat is kept out during the summer and then in then in the winter, it helps to retain warmth during those colder months.

Compost and mulch help your plants retain moisture to grow and thrive. A good mulch also prevents weed growth and offers a controlled environment for your plants under the shade.

Shade plants. Now, it’s time to choose your plants. It’s important to get the right plants for your shady area. For first-timers, you’ll need to study and understand what kind of light gets into your garden. It could range from dense to partial or light shade, so get creative since different plants require different degrees of shade. Choose Beacon® Impatiens to fill your gardens and containers. They provide the bright, long-lasting color to shady areas all season long with a high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew.

Beacon Impatiens are available in 7 colors and 2 mixes. Plant them in your containers, baskets, or directly into the landscape. With Beacon and your springtime checklist, you’ll be on your way to a thriving shade garden in no time!

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