Apr 14, 2022
How Many Plants Do I Need to Fill My Garden?

When creating your first or 50th garden, it doesn’t hurt to get a refresher on how many plants you might need to fill your garden for that perfect presentation. First rule, never, ever crowd your plants. Better to have room for your Beacon® Impatiens to grow and thrive in their shady space to really show off their long-lasting colors. Here are a few ideas to help you start fresh and get gardening.

Patio container

For a patio full of beautiful containers featuring Beacon Impatiens, choosing the size of your pot is key. For a 10” decorative planter, you’ll need 3 plants of your favorite Beacon color. Or, create an amazing color combo in a large 20” flower pot. Arrange 3 impatiens and 2 other complementary shade-friendly plants for this size container.

Two Beacon Impatiens mixed containers include Beacon White Impatiens, Livewire Isolepsis and Splash Select Pink Hypoestes, as well as Beacon Violet Impatiens and Twister Juncus


Hanging basket

Arrange an average of 3 impatiens plants in a 12” hanging basket. For a show-stopping basket, try an 18” size and fill it with 5 impatiens plants for all the drama.

Beacon Rose Impatiens displayed outside in a hanging basket near a mailbox


Garden bed

If you’re ready to take on your landscape with a garden bed, be sure to block off your selected area in the shade.  Just note, space your Beacon Impatiens 8-10 inches apart for their best performance. That might surprise you if it’s your first time planting Beacon, but you’ll enjoy how quickly they fill in and how nicely they grow together!

Front porch with newly in-ground planted Beacon White and Red Impatiens

Front porch with fully grown Beacon White and Red Impatiens

With striking colors and easy-to-grow nature, your beautiful Beacon Impatiens will continue to shine the light in your shade garden. Share your backyard oasis with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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