Apr 28, 2022
How to Find Beacon Impatiens in the Garden Center

If you’re planning a trip to your local garden center, or finally ready to travel to a whole new destination to get your Beacon® Impatiens, we’re here to help.

Beacon Impatiens Retail Poster

Once you get to wherever you’re going, how do you find these beautiful bright flowers? Go toward the Annuals section of the store. Once there, you’ll need to find the plants that are designated for the shade. As you walk through the selection of flowers be sure to scout out our vibrant signage in the form of posters, bench cards and plant tags like the ones here.

A grouping of Beacon Impatiens Poster, Bench card and plant tags

Look for the Beacon Impatiens tagline: “Grows Stronger. Shines Longer”. They’re available in seven bold colors and five mixes. Once you find your favorites, you can look forward to filling your hanging baskets, window boxes and shade landscapes with the bright, long-lasting color of Beacon. Happy planting!

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