May 9, 2022
How to Use Color in Your Garden

Feeling creative this gardening season – who isn’t? We have the perfect how-to for playing with color and we’re offering some friendly advice along the way. For starters, are you familiar with our “The Science Behind Gardening with Color” blog? It has some wonderful tidbits of information from the magic of the color wheel to inspiration on color schemes for your garden. Check it out here to get you started!

Choosing complementary colors is a great first step to combining a winning look. You’ll want to look at the color wheel and select plants in colors that are across from one another. For example Beacon® Impatiens makes it easy since its foliage has a gorgeous shade of green. Plant Bright Red Beacon Impatiens directly in your landscape for the full effect.

If you’re looking forward to a full shade garden of bright, beautiful blooms, you’ll want to pair vibrant reds and oranges to make this space pop and come to life.

Also, consider the spatial aspects of your garden. In a landscape, cool colors tend to seem farther away while warm colors actually seem closer to you, creating an inviting path.

Patio gardens can also be a wonderful option for small spaces that beg for color. Create a tropical oasis by having mixed containers of your favorite shades of Beacon Impatiens alongside Nervia Croton.

Gardening is all about the color. Get your garden journal and jot down your inspirations and ideas. Start planting and please share your results with us, we’d love to hear from you in our Comments section.

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