May 16, 2022
6 Things You Need to Start a Garden in the Shade

Get your shopping list ready because we’re headed to the garden center!

Starting a garden in the shade will be a breeze with this list and your favorite Beacon® Impatiens.

1. Whether you’re using flower pots, or choosing to plant right into a garden bed, you’ll need shovels and trowels to get into the dirt.

2. Handy pair of garden gloves

3. Flower pots or upcycled containers

4. Compost and mulch

5. Potting soil

6. Beacon Impatiens and other shade-loving plants

Create the shade garden of your dreams with the help of Beacon Impatiens, which come in 7 different colors and 5 mixes. Be sure to watch for the new Beacon mixes: Lindau Mix, Sanibel Mix, and Portland Mix all named for various lighthouses around the world. These vibrant blends are sure to bring bright, long-lasting color to your shade oasis.

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Tags: Planting Tips
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