Jun 6, 2022
Shade Combo of the Month: Dark and Moody

We have a DIY project this month just for the shade. This combo includes your favorite Beacon® Impatiens paired with some colorful and textured annuals.

Get to your garden center

If you’re looking for dark and moody with a pop of color, this combo has it all. Beacon Rose might be the main attraction, but this combination also features four other shade-loving annuals. Once you arrive at your favorite nursery or garden center, locate the area of shade plants. There you’ll want to look for: Beacon Rose Impatiens,  Jurassic Dino™ Greenie Rex Begonia, ColorGrass® Blue Dart Juncus, Carnival Black Olive Heuchera, and Ajuga Burgundy Glow.

Pick your pot

To create this arrangement, you’ll want a 12 to 14-in. (30.5 to 35.6-cm) or larger container. The bigger, the better since your Beacon Impatiens will fill in fast.

Plant your plants

You’ll need a good pair of gardening gloves, hand shovel, potting mix and a watering can. Arrange your plants in your patio container, plant them in the soil and fill in any gaps with more potting mix. Don’t forget to give your flowers a good soak with your watering can. As for fertilizer, you’ll need to feed this combination only once a month. Talk about easy maintenance!

Keep your planter in a shady part of your garden or on your porch. Sit back, relax and enjoy your dark and bold newly created combo.

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