Jun 22, 2022
Daily Watering Checklist for Impatiens
Lisa Lacy  

Now that you’ve got all your plants in the ground, it’s time to take care of those beauties, including your shade-friendly Beacon® Impatiens. Here, we provide you with a Daily Watering Checklist you can use year-after-year. (Download a quick reference guide here.)

Impatiens actually have moderate water needs. These plants prefer well-draining soil. If you’ve planted your Beacon Impatiens in the ground, water them every few days to assure good rooting. During hotter temps in the middle of summer, you’ll need to increase the frequency or the amount of water. Impatiens can tolerate slightly dry conditions once the plants are established. It is better to keep the soil on the slightly drier side than too wet.

For your hanging baskets and patio planters with combos featuring impatiens, you’ll need to monitor them (such as the tilting method) for water needs. But be careful not to overwater these containers. Impatiens do not like water-logged roots and will not do well overall.

A good tip for containers and baskets is the tilting method. After a good watering, tilt the pot to feel how heavy it is. Likewise, when the pot is dry, tilt it to learn what a fully dry container feels like. These would be the extremes for moisture. Impatiens should generally be in the middle.

Did you know? Beacon Impatiens are light feeders, they don’t need a lot nor very frequent fertilization. Impatiens are very ‘elastic’ plants – this means they respond quickly to water and fertilization. However, high amounts of moisture and fertilizer causes them to grow fast and put on many leaves; when they are too watered or fed, the energy goes into the plant growth and not a lot of flowering. When impatiens are grown on the drier side with lower amount of fertilizer, the plants will flower more.

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