Jul 18, 2022
Shade Combo of the Month: Bold and Tropical

The Shade Combo of the Month is bold, daring, and full of color. This combination has a tropical flair combined with Beacon® Rose Impatiens. It’s also perfect for full shade, as well as partially shady areas.

For this particular combo, be sure to get a 15-in. container that’s a bit wider at the top than the bottom. You’ll want your combo to really pop and extend out for the full effect. It will surely impress the neighbors!

When you’re at your favorite garden center, you’ll want to go directly to the shade-loving annuals aisle. Besides Beacon Impatiens, pick up Canary Wings Begonia with its golden-to-chartreuse leaves and bright red flowers. For height and texture, you’ll want to find Purple Fountain Grass. It’s a wonderfully dark addition that contrasts nicely against the bright pops of color in this combo.

Arrange your plants in your pot with Beacon in the middle and Canary Wings on each side. Place the Purple Fountain Grass as your backdrop to set the stage for this bold and tropical design. Use good potting soil and water as needed. Then place in the shadiest spot on your porch or patio to enjoy these bright blooms all season long.

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