Aug 1, 2022
Cake Decorating with Impatiens

There seems to be a wedding or alfresco dinner party every weekend in the summer. And for those of you with all those romantic feels, we’ve got a DIY that’s easy and fun to impress your guests. All you need is a pre-frosted cake, or a naked cake if you prefer the less sugary route, and some beautiful Beacon® Impatiens blooms in your favorite colors.


For a whimsical and pastel-inspired floral design, adding a few blooms of Beacon Coral and Rose would add a complementary splash of color to this multi-tiered wedding cake.



If you’re a chocolate fan, this chocolate-covered confection would pair well with Beacon Bright Red cascading along the side, or blooms from the Red White Mix.



A homemade birthday cake is always the sweetest! So imagine adding a few vibrant-colored petals of Beacon Violet Shades to add to the charm of this handcrafted dessert.



These beautiful snow white-decorated cupcakes would be confectionery perfection with Beacon White blooms to top them off.



A baby shower cake in simple décor looks just as precious complemented with pastel-colored meringues, as well as adding a pop of color with petals of Beacon Salmon.

If you haven’t already figured it out, impatiens are an edible flower*.  Although they don’t have much flavor, they’re a wonderful decorative accompaniment to your cake. What more can you ask for from a flower made in the shade?

*Note: Be sure any edible flowers are pesticide-free before consuming.

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Tags: Color Design
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