Aug 8, 2022
Shade Combo of the Month: Classic Companions

If you were to think of a classic companion plant for Beacon® Impatiens, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Begonias for the shade, of course.

Impatiens and begonias work wonderfully together in the shade. They both offer low-maintenance flowers that provide lots of color to your shady spaces in the landscape and on your patio. With the interesting foliage and texture of begonias paired with the abundant flower power of Beacon Impatiens, it’s a combination that’s classically colorful.

For this month’s Shade Combo of the Month, you’ll want a 10 to 12-in./25 to 30 cm flowerpot. Plant Beacon Rose and Coral around the sides, so their colors spill over the edges. Then you’ll want to place Begonia Megawatt™ Rose Bronze Leaf in the middle of the container for height and drama. The contrast of the darker-colored foliage against the pops of pinks is a true showstopper.

To further your container, along with the bronze leaf of the begonia, you can plant Mahogany Splendor Hibiscus at the back of the container. The deep burgundy, maple-shaped leaves feature serrated edges that enhance the softness of the impatiens. Since Beacon Impatiens prefer drier soil and these companion plants are drought and heat-resistant, it’s the perfect pairing that won’t disappoint. Look forward to extraordinary color in the shade all season long with this combo!

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