Sep 22, 2022
Shade Combo of the Month: Overwintering Plants

As one of the last shade combos of the season, we included a couple of companion plants that can come indoors when temps start to fall.

This DIY combo can tuck itself into a shady space on your porch until it’s time to welcome sweater weather. But until then, enjoy the brightness of Beacon® Impatiens in Rose, White and Salmon.

In a 15-in./38-cm wide flower pot, you’ll want to angle your plants in a top-down effect. Start with planting a tall and beautifully branched Shangri-La Philodendron at the back of your pot. In the center of the container, arrange Jurassic Dino™ Dragon Fruit Rex Begonia. The bright, cool foliage of this plant loves growing in the deepest shade.

Then you’ll want to position your Beacon Impatiens along the front of the container, so the pops of color will be front and center. It’s a truly gorgeous arrangement that fits perfectly in the corner of a shady deck or patio. The best part of this combo is after you’ve enjoyed how Beacon shines the light in the shade, you can still hang on and appreciate the other plants in this combo by bringing them indoors.

To do this, you’ll want to:

• Remove and separate the impatiens and keep the philodendron and begonia.

• We recommend re-potting these two plants in separate containers.

• Re-potting after bringing them in is always a great idea.

• This helps the plants, as well as avoiding bringing in any unwanted pests or bugs into your home.

Even though it’s late in the season, celebrating the color of Beacon can go a long way!

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