Sep 26, 2022
Tools You Need for Fall Cleanup

Preparing your garden for the Winter months doesn’t have to be a chore.  Although it is necessary, it can also be fun. With a little help from a few good tools, you’ll be able to tackle your Fall cleanup in just a weekend. Let’s get to it!



Rake those leaves off your lawn. You may need to do it a couple of times this Fall, but your yard will thank you come Spring.



Be sure to get rid of as many weeds in your garden before the cold weather hits.



Dig up spent annuals and get composting. Remember to only compost plants that are free of disease and pests.



Use a wheelbarrow to help you carry your tools, and to help carry plants to another location for either composting or putting into lawn bags.


Lawn bags

Speaking of lawn bags, these will help contain grass clippings, as well as leaves that you don’t want left on your lawn. Long grass clippings, as well as old leaves, will not only gives pests a place to stay, but could potentially smother your grass.


Cleaning and storing tools

When cleaning used tools, be sure to give them a good cleaning before storing them for the Winter. For gardening tools, brush off all dirt and debris and make sure the surfaces of the tools are dry before you store them. You can wipe them with a light coat of oil or spray surfaces with a penetrating oil. This helps prevent any damage from rust while not being used.

You can also put tools in a sand bucket to keep them clean and sharp. To do this, all you need is a bucket of sand and a small amount of motor oil. Mix in the oil until the sand changes color just slightly. Storing metal tools in the sand mix will keep them from rusting.

Now’s the time to start putting things to rest in your garden and tool shed while the weather is still nice. Grab a few friends and family and make it a "Say Hi to Fall" weekend cleanup party and get to it.

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