Oct 18, 2022
Apartment-friendly Flower Garden: A Shady Balcony Can Have Color

Need some inspiration to brighten up your small space or balcony garden? Beacon® Impatiens has the answer. Whether in a hanging basket or decorative container, you’ll still get tons of color in the shadiest area.


This light shade of Salmon is a welcome hue hanging from the side of your balcony garden. Just make sure to water your baskets as needed, never overwater.

Formula Mix

Get a load of color in the shade with Beacon’s Formula Mix. Even the smallest of gardens can find a home right on your patio step with the right flower pot.


Twice as much color in hanging baskets under an awning is possible with Beacon Rose. Get double the fun without the risk of disease since Beacon has high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew, so it stays healthy and in color!

Taking care of your shade garden is easy with Beacon, especially on your patio or balcony for you to enjoy all season long.

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