Mar 15, 2021
Beautiful Companion Plants for Impatiens

In shade containers, garden beds or flower borders, here are some plants that make lovely companion plants for Beacon® Impatiens. They provide unique textures, mounding and trailing visual appeal, and bold, contrasting color for the shade:

Asparagus fern
This frilly, feathery bright green plant adds a soft, fuzzy look.
Grown for colorful foliage and/or attractive flowers, begonias, such as wax begonias and newer hybrid begonias, will continually flower throughout the Summer.
Gardener-friendly bacopa has colorful blooms that cover the plants, making fuller hanging baskets and large containers.
Sweet potato vine (Ipomoea)
A twining, trailing vine with cut, arrow-shaped or heart-shaped leaves in black, red or bright green tones.
Eye-catching, vivid plants bloom all Summer long with beautiful, teardrop-shaped flowers in a wide selection of vibrant colors.
The ultimate low-maintenance foliage plant that comes in a wide variety of colors that stay bright in the shade.
White Baby’s Breath (Euphorbia)
A good companion for a salmon or red impatiens.
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