Apr 5, 2021
3 Fun & Easy Plants for Shady Areas of Your Garden
If “hosta” is the first plant that comes to mind when thinking about shade in your garden, then this list is for you. Hostas are a go-to for most gardeners to fill their shady beds, but what if you could spice up your garden with bold and colorful bloom-filled options?
Here is a list of 3 fun plants that are easy to grow in shade!
1. Beacon Impatiens
Even in the shade, Beacon shines the light with striking colors! From bright orange to hot pinks, Beacon Impatiens are a new favorite among gardeners for containers and beds because of the high resistance to Impatiens downy mildew (IDM). Before Beacon, gardeners experienced devastating losses due to IDM. Now, gardeners using Beacon don’t have to worry about IDM because of its high resistance to the disease! Phew – growing Impatiens in the shade just got easier!
2. Fuchsia
As the name heavily suggests, Fuchsia is bright and vibrant. Coming in shades of pinks, purples, whites, and reds, these exotic trailers are great for containers – anywhere it can spill and show-off! These beautiful flowers also attract hummingbirds.
3. Begonias
Begonias are a non-stop growing sensation with single or double blooms and unique foliage options. This low-maintenance plant requires very little fuss from you and thrives in beds or containers! Begonias typically come in soft, subtle colors like pinks, reds, yellows, and oranges. If you live in an area heavily populated by deer, plant these as a harmless repellent.
Reader Comments (1)
Beacon seems a good choice; however, the “red” is not a cardinal red. Blooms have an orange tint, especially as the they age.
Sunday, May 9, 2021 | Bill
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