Aug 23, 2021
Shade Garden Recipes
Creating a delightful combination of plants in your shade garden can be as enjoyable as cooking up your favorite dish! Don’t be afraid to mix different shades or even contrasting colors. From large to small containers, your garden creations await. So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get started! 
Inspire and delight
The amazing displays that you’re ready to create can be inspired by the type of container you have, or even by the colors you see at your local nursery. The combination of foliage and flowers is your own unique mix. From draping greenery to spikey foliage, you can pair them with a beautiful assortment of Beacon Impatiens in Bright Red, Coral, Orange, Rose, Salmon, White and Violet Shades.
Get creative
The recipe for your decorative pots can be as creative as you want it to be! Mixing up reds with purples, or even a striking ensemble of impatiens and coleus on your patio can get the conversation started at your next garden party or backyard barbecue.
Be bold
Filling up large pots and containers with your favorite colors can make that shady part of your patio just the thing to brighten up your space. 
Here are a few shade garden recipes you can try today:
Beacon Rose and Violet Shades Impatiens paired with euphorbia
Beacon Bright Red Impatiens paired with Gryphon Begonia
Beacon Bright Red and Violet Shades Impatiens paired with lime green coleus
Beacon White and Coral Impatiens paired with colorful coleus
Beacon Impatiens White paired with red salvia
Beacon Impatiens Violet Shades and White paired with isolepis and hypoestes
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