Jan 14, 2022
How to Put Together a Garden

Can’t wait to get some color in your life during these chilly days? Beacon Impatiens are the perfect addition to your garden or containers. Not sure how to bring these disease-resistant blooms into your shady space? Let’s get started by putting together a wonderful garden design no matter what size your space.

Colorful bed of Beacon Impatiens covering a large shade garden area
Large shade garden
When you have lots of open space, you can create a beautiful sweeping landscape of Beacon impatiens. Rows of color or complementing hues could make for an impressive show in your garden.

A flower-filled patio container of coral Beacon Impatiens standing next to a table and chair set
Small space
For small space patios or shady parts of your garden, what better way to create a color combo shady showcase than a container collection. With different pot sizes, you can mix and match an assortment of impatiens and shade-loving plants to display a peaceful retreat or a stylized design all your own.

Two flower-filled hanging baskets of Beacon Rose Impatiens located under the house eaves
Impatiens look wonderful in hanging baskets and pots. With the right growing conditions (shade or partial shade) on your front porch or back patio, these amazing blooms won’t let you down.

A large tree and raised garden bed is surrounded by shade-loving Beacon Impatiens in Orange and Violet Shades
Yard with tree
Have you ever thought about adding impatiens as a tree border? It is a classic and inviting design that highlights a usually ignored area of your yard. Planting impatiens as a border around trees will fill darker spaces with the color you crave.

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