Jul 25, 2022
Checklist: Taking Care of Your Impatiens

Here’s a handy guide to keep with you all season long. For the best and brightest blooms, you’ll want to take care of your Beacon® Impatiens by using this checklist. (Download this quick guide in pdf form here).

1. Make sure your impatiens are planted in an area of your yard or a patio container with plenty of shade (2-4 hours of sun is just enough).

2. Water your shade-friendly plants, as needed. Never overwater.

3. Impatiens like the slightly drier side than too wet.

4. When it is time, water at the base of the plant and not directly on the flower petals. You want those bright blooms to shine through and stand up.

5. No need to worry about Impatiens downy mildew (IDM). Beacon Impatiens have high resistance to the disease and are ready to thrive in the shade!

You’ll be on your way to long-lasting color in the shade in no time if you follow these gardener-friendly tips. And your impatiens will thank you for it.

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Tags: Planting Tips
Reader Comments (1)
Finally an impatien I can grow in my shade garden again!!! I was holding my breath to see is they were truly mildew resistant. They were!!! I planted red and white in my north facing garden and they are spectacular. I will expand my growing area next year for sure. I planted them with coleus and dragon wing begonia, they are very happy with their neighbors. Thank you for developing these glorious impatiens.
Friday, August 26, 2022 | Laura kesler
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