Aug 15, 2022
Get the Look: Cozy Cottage

Dreaming of a cozy cottage atmosphere before the chaos of back-to-school and fall come into view? Get inspired with Beacon® Impatiens and a few choice colors to create the look for those shabby chic vibes.

Think light and airy

Feel the breeze in the air as you sit on your porch enjoying the simplicity of white impatiens in a hanging basket overhead.



Carefree and casual

A carefree retreat awaits with a carpet of winding colors made up of coral, rose, and white impatiens right in the landscape.



Relaxing and unrefined

Start feeling those tranquil vibes of a quaint countryside cottage decorated with various shade-garden baskets filled with romantic red impatiens.



Rustic and cozy

As the last days of summer slowly fade around the corner, brighten up a shady porch with tons of color by planting orange impatiens and other shade-loving plants in rustic, decorative flower pots.



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Tags: Color Design
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